Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Photography becomes Art!

So one of the most fun parts of my job is getting to meet and network with other vendors. Last week I met a new (to me) photographer, Erica with Erica Ann Photography, who blew me away with a very unique talent she brings to her business! Erica, who has a degree in Studio Art from George Fox University, loves capturing the emotions of weddings and then turning them into a work of art.

Yes, Erica is a very talented photographer. But in addition to that, she is also a very talented artist. She has taken these two amazing gifts of hers and combined them to offer her bridal clients an absolutely extraordinary service (you will see what I mean in just a minute!!).

For her clients, Erica offers the option of turning a canvas print from their wedding into a true work of art. Erica will take the canvas print and then enhance the colors, textures and details with acrylic paint. Let me show you what I mean ...

This one, entitled Blush, is a canvas print with acylic enhancements. Is that not amazing??

Or how about this one, Content, which is also a canvas print with acrylic enhancements?...

Or how about this acylic painting of a photo, entitled Elegance?...

(Are you getting a feel yet for how good she is??)

This one, entitled Wander, is a photographic print with natural beeswax painted on top.

And finally, Adore, another canvas print with acylic enhancements.

If you love Erica's works of art as much as I do, give her a call at 503-476-5059, or email her at ericaannphotography@gmail.com. She's amazing!

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Photo by Deyla Huss Photography